Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Insulting Other Peoples Beliefs..Provocative and Insensitive..

It was 44 years ago when riots and killings broke out between two major races..popularly known as the May 13th incident..the hatred was panned by political hatred..of both sides after the general election. The incident was forever painted as the dark days of Malaysia independence...and it spurned the government of the day..to draft our very own doctrine..known as the RUKUN NEGARA...to indoctrinated the new generation to live in peace and harmony....to uphold the law..respect the constitution and most of all..to respect other peoples beliefs. Believe in  God..the first of the five principles simplified that Islam is the country official religion but the other religion are free to be practised by any races or ethnics of this country. For 44 years this has been upheld by the generations of baby boomers...no matter which political parties they belong to.. 

But alas..sad to say that this principle Believe in God has been manipulated by many so call experts and religious bigots who think only of their political status and power..everyone seem to be an expert..and becoming ulama ..within a day or so..Religion has become a tool for political gain and mileage..to enhance their status and political well being of individuals or parties...

It is indeed provocative and insensitive of some non Muslims to post certains insult towards the Muslims, their beliefs and the Prophet PBUH...but what about the Muslims who also did the same things towards other religions and beliefs? Are they  also not guilty of insulting and provocating? The law must be fair to all..despite their political inclination..beliefs..skin colour or races. If the provocative and insulting non- Muslims are dealt with swiftly by the long arm of the law the same must be done to the Muslims who provoke and insulted other peoples beliefs and races..

Religion is not about races..religion is about the beliefs of an individual. Malays are not Islam..Islam are not Malays..because there are also Chinese, Europeans, Arabs, Negros and others who embraces Islam as their beliefs and the way of life..so are other religion...

Be fair to all to ensure that peace, harmony and sanity remains as the pillars of Malaysia.. 

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